Bergen Veteranvogn Klubb

Bergen Veteranvogn Klubb (BVK) or the Bergen Classic Vehicle Owners Club is situated in Bergen on Norway’s west coast.

BVK was founded by a handful of teenagers in 1980, and has since grown to a very active organization counting approximately 400 members. There is said to be an estimated 1200 vehicles among the members, spanning from coming classics all the way down to the infancy of cars and motorcycles. There is a wide variety of brands and types within the club.

 BVK has a busy schedule. Its backbone being the monthly member meetings every second Tuesday of every month. These meeting draws a significant crowd. The meeting schedule may vary, but usually includes a theme presentation.

In addition comes the open house on all other Tuesdays between 7-9PM, where normally 15-30 members show up for a cup of coffee and shop talk. The meetings and the open house evenings are normally held at the Bergen Technical Museum (

Any fellow enthusiast are most welcome to visit us on these evenings, as well as any other event we host. Visitors are recommended to check the club roster or contact one of the board members as it happens that we are off site from time to time, or in case any restrictions apply for a specific event.

BVK has in the past hosted local, national and international rallies and events, such as the main national touring event, the Norgeslopet in 2014. The latter was a FIVA B event. We also arrange international road trips from time to time.

On a national level, BVK is affiliated with the Norwegian Federation of Historic Vehicle Clubs (, which represents Norway in FIVA.

On the local level, BVK is affiliated with 10 other enthusiast clubs from the local area, forming the Motorklubbene i Bergen - MKIB, or Motor Clubs of Bergen ( On Ascension Day every spring, BVK and the other clubs that makes up the MKIB has a drive-in show that attracts some 1000 vehicles, where upwards of ten thousand spectators shows up to appreciate our vehicles.

BVK are also cooperating with other local associations and museums relating to objects of a technical nature, such as the Historic Fire Association, steamship preservation societies and museum railway associations etc.

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